Shipping Policy

We ship products as soon as possible after the order is confirmed. Usually you will receive your item within the selected shipping time.

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates valid on the date/time of purchase will be displayed during payment and will be applied to the total invoice based on your area selection. When this occurs, the wrong area is selected and the wrong shipping rate is applied, we reserve the right to modify the invoice and request the surcharge by any means of payment we choose.

And also, if the package weight or volumetric weight exceeds the standard package size, additional shipping costs can be applicable and will be assessed after the initial purchase (1kg or 30cm x 30cm x 6cm)

Weight Calculation

When calculating the weight of the shipments we deliver, we utilize volumetric weight, and we recognize that this is not always an intuitive idea. In order to make everything as plain as possible for you, we want to break down the specifics. Instead of the actual weight, the amount of space a package takes up on the carrier might have an impact on how much it costs to carry. This weight has a volumetric or dimensional component. Calculating a shipment's volumetric weight reveals the density of a package. In general, a less dense object takes up greater volume of space than it does weight. In order to determine which is greater, the volumetric or dimensional weight is computed and compared to the actual weight of the cargo. The greater weight is then utilized to determine the shipment cost.

By multiplying a package's length, height, and width and dividing the result by a volumetric factor, volumetric weight can be computed (5000). The unit of measurement has an impact on that component.