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Humble Beginning To South Asia's Largest Single Owner Department Store We believe in a philosophy that, if you look good, you’ll feel great and when you feel amazing, that positive feeling is infectious and this, in turn, creates a paradigm shift in terms of the individual’s mindset towards an overall positive outlook. This holistic approach to fashion feature promotes a sense of exquisite personalized brand quality. but it also provides an additional talking point to the wearer when being complimented upon Satisfaction.

“House of Fashions” provides a complete for all areas of apparel and lifestyle. Which is a brand that is an extension of our own personalities, meant to inspire positivity, progressiveness and uncompromising style, During the last few seasons we launched a variety of lines to complement our fashion collections. Our customer’s original styles for the fashion-conscious of inclination, which has always been at the forefront of Fashion since it was founded in 1992 and is acclaimed as one of the leading fashion houses for its variety of in-store choices of fashion and other household items to fulfill the customer needs, which proudly celebrates over 28 years.

HOFS stand resolute in the ideology of Today, the brand s empowerment, inspiring people today, to take back what was lost yesterday so that they can progress in the future, all by means of creating confidence through creative fashion design.

We follow one simple principle of respecting our own words and do as we said, building our relationship with customers solely based on trust and reliability. We are looking to complete any work assignment with the highest effectiveness and strict quality control. All production is processed through strict critical path procedures in all its sub-contractor factories and their services also include a contract design and offshore manufacturing. These are the scenes we embrace and try to recreate on our purchases so they can be shared with the world.

Our products are handpicked Designs by a team of experienced designers who use them as a platform to express the unique nuances of their culture and society. The passion truly shows in each of their designs and quality that relies on powerful.

On a micro level, we are committed to using as few chemicals and as little packaging as possible while ensuring our workers can practice their craft in excellent conditions. We also, look at the whole picture by only coordinating with suppliers who strongly abide by fair-trade standards and sustainable development.

Attention to detail is the name of the game. From investing in high-quality fabric to using state-of-the art printing techniques, we pay close attention to each stitch and seam in the pursuit of displaying a perfect product every time.

Ensure the growth of the Sri Lankan Fashion industry, garments, and our customers Satisfaction. In order to keep controlling our retailing and maintaining standards and shopping concept.

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